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About Tai

Tai Yeh has been working in Santa Barbara, CA as a licensed architect for more than 25 years. Most of his projects are in the Montecito and Santa Barbara area, but he has also completed projects in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

While his main interests are residential, he has also worked on many institutional and commercial improvements.

As an architect, his greatest pleasure is to see his projects completed on time and beautifully. Tai works with a team of professionals to achieve these goals.

Please feel free to contact Tai with any questions about realizing your dream.

Thank you for visiting.


Past Projects


  • Proctor residence, mudslide rebuild, Montecito

  • Westmont College, Whittier Science building interior improvement, Montecito

  • Chambers residence, Montecito


  • Boehm residence, Alameda Padre Sierra, Santa Barbara

  • Howell residence, Cowels Road, Montecito

  • Westmont College, Clark E interior improvement, Montecito

  • Jorgensen residence, Santecito Drive, Montecito

  • Wooten residence, Canon Drive, Santa Barbara


  • Anderson residence, Montecito

  • Nosofsky residence, Montecito

  • Westmont College, Kerr Building interior improvement, Montecito

  • Holzheu residence addition, Solvang

  • Foley residence remodel, Santa Barbara


  • Rheinstein residence, Montecito

  • Gabriel residence, Montecito

  • Ramada Inn remodel, Santa Barbara

  • Westmont College, Whittier Building interior improvement, Montecito

  • Spechler residence addition, Santa Barbara


  • Jones residence, Los Angeles

  • Bracher residence addition, Napa

  • Birnamwood Club House remodel, Montecito

  • Gregga residence II, Montecito

  • Westmont College, Clark Building interior improvement, Montecito

  • YuMei Restaurant, Santa Barbara


  • Sharma residence, Hope Ranch

  • Graham Residence, Santa Barbara

  • Carder residence, Montecito

  • McFarlane residence, Montecito

  • Best Western interior improvement, Santa Barbara

  • Feldman residence remodel, Montecito

  • Dunlevy residence remodel, Montecito


  • Byers residence, Santa Barbara

  • Gregga residence remodel, Montecito

  • Lacumbra Galleria tenant improvement, Santa Barbara

  • Bradford residence remodel, Montecito

  • Vincent residence remodel, Padaro Ln


  • Zahoudaniz residence remodel, Montecito

  • Decker Corporation tenant improvement, Goleta

  • Zippersteine residence remodel, Montecito

  • Reekie residence remodel, Montecito

  • Harber residence remodel, Montecito


  • Murphy residence remodel, Montecito

  • Fidelity National Title office tenant improvement

  • Montecito Aesthetic Institute tenant improvement

  • Canada Residence, Santa Ynez

  • Foshay residence remodel, Montecito


  • Byers residence, Santa Barbara

  • Investec office tenant improvement

  • Berkley Aviation office tenant improvement

  • Santa Barbara Airport long term parking shelters


  • Aiken Mixed use development, Santa Barbara

  • Madsen residence, Santa Barbara

  • Thomas residence, Montecito


  • Santa Barbara Airport, Building 226 improvement

  • CKE restaurant – Carl’s Jr and Green Burrito-head quarters, Carpinteria

  • Bank of Santa Barbara, interior improvement

  • Nasgovitz residence, Summerland


  • South Coast Church, Goleta

  • Fidelity National Title office tenant improvement

  • Thompson residence, a Japanese garden and home

  • Gil residence, Goleta


  • City of Carpinteria, City Hall Remodel

  • Ford residence, Montecito

  • Cantwell’s market, Santa Barbara

  • Kleeberg residence, Goleta


  • Yeh residence, Arcadia

  • CKE restaurant restaurant head quarter, Santa Barbara

  • Carpinteria Lion’s Club Assembly Hall